Go Walk, Go NOW!

I just tried these on…WOW! I have to say that they felt like wearing slippers, but not as flimsy. Skechers has this enormous line of Go Walk footwear made up of all different styles and colors. Reviews are great & now I see why. I’m at the age where I can’t just wear shoes because … Continue reading

Hi, Spring

Eventually we will be able to wear lighter jackets, right? I have been wearing the same, sad one year after year because I just couldn’t find another that I loved enough to replace it. The jacket has seen better days, so I am on the hunt AGAIN. What do you think about these? Women’s London … Continue reading


                Have you gotten your hands on this book yet? B.J. Novak {yup, from The Office} wrote a children’s book, and kids get a kick out of it. You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious. Except . . . here’s how books work. … Continue reading

We were MINT for each other.

If you know me, or followed my original post a couple years ago, then you have heard me gush about this gem. It is a true friend, never lets me down. There are different versions (tinted, ultra, varied mints) and they are reasonably priced. GLOSSY + MINTY! You can also find them at Bath & … Continue reading

Dodge It

      I enjoy my life a lot more when my kids aren’t trying to pummel each other. One is a girl, one is a boy. They get a long pretty well, but they are also getting to the point where there aren’t a ton of things they want to play together. A while … Continue reading

Janice is a stud.

I went to a Stella & Dot house party last summer and I was pleasantly surprised by the options. Who is Janice? No idea, but these cute little studs bear her name. I bought them in emerald, and let me tell you…they are stunning. They provide such a nice pop of color, although this pic … Continue reading